Gibson & Hills offers a full range of services designed to implement your project and ensure its proper management in Mauritius. We are able to serve you in an efficient manner, supported by a strong team of professionals, having solid experience in the different areas of an enterprise.


We understand that every entrepreneur's project holds a part of his dream. We give every project its due importance, bearing in mind the dream and ambition of people behind.


Whether it is a simple company incorporation in Mauritius or a complex assignment, our team knows exactly how to walk the maze. Our expertise lies in delivering precise advice and moving the right resources at the right time to realise your projects. We handle every aspect of a business; financial, legal, technical and operational.


Contact us today and give your project a better chance to succes.


We have recently lauched our Real Estate department to complete the loop.  We are now able to provide you with services that are able to secure the best business and residential properties for your relocation to Mauritius.

More than 20 years of experience

Hundreds of successful project implemented

Experience in various industry sectors

Complete range of services

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We are present in almost every internet platform from Discussion forum to Social Media.  


Our main objective, through this presence, is to broadcast pertinent and useful information as far as possible.  


Gibson & Hills makes intensive use of technology to ensure a proximity, efficiency and fast service.

This website contains a maximum of information relevant to those wishing to work and live in Mauritius.


It also contains links to other websites that may be of interest.


Please visit our Mauritius page on this site

Mauritius offers various residency schemes to those who want to live, work or simply retire in Mauritius.


Each scheme has its own set of conditions. These are related to investment amount, project size and performance.


We strongly advise interested parties to seek professional opinion before choosing any specific plan or starting any relocation procedure.


Do not put unnecessary stress on yourself. 

Our advice is always FREE

Regardless of the purpose of your visit, our team is ready to provide you with the information and the services to ensure that your experience is a pleasant and efficient one.


Our concierge service is at your service either for short or long stays; whether on tourist or business visa. Gibson & Hills will provide you with cutting-edge solutions for your accomodation, transport and even the organisation of your business events.


Please contact our team through the Contact form on our website.


You may also check our Immigration page for an insight into the different residency schemes available in Mauritius.

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